Multi Millet Khichidi Mix is a product sold by Kaulige Foods. It contains Foxtail Millet, Little Millet, Kodo Millet, Proso Millet, Wheat, Jowar, Bajra, Green Gram, Zeera, Til, etc.

To buy Multi Millet Khichidi Mix, Visit this link: Multi Millet Khichidi Mix on Kaulige Foods

Mixed Millet Khichidi

Being very fond of khichidi, I decided to try the “Mixed Millet Khichidi Mix” sold online by Kaulige Foods in Bangalore. It is made from a mixture of Foxtail Millet, Little Millet, Kodo Millet, Jowar, Bajra and Proso Millet (along with… Continue Reading →

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